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Sex Flash Games Are Now Available On All Your Devices

If you’ve been playing sex games in the past years you’ve surely noticed that now every new game is working on all of your devices, from PCs and Mac computers to phones and tablets. That’s because the industry has made the switch from Flash sex games to HTML5 games, which are more versatile and modern. Well, what if I tell you that you can play Flash games and still enjoy the same cross-platform compatibility like in the case of HTML5 games. Well, that’s possible on our brand-new site Sex Flash Games which is coming with the hottest games from the Flash era remastered for modern times. We want to preserve the legacy of hardcore sex games from the Flash era and offer them to the future generations. And there are some games worth preserving, as you will discover in our collection.

Although the technology was kind of limited, the developers always found clever ways of working with what they had to create some masterpieces that will keep you on the edge while playing. We search the entire web looking for the best games that we knew you’ll like and we had our team modify them in such way that they will be accessible directly into your browser across all your devices with no need for extensions or file installations. And you will love the variety of games that can be found in the collection of our site. No matter what you’re into, we sure have the perfect game for you in this library. Let’s talk about all the aspects of our collection in the following paragraphs below, where we detail all the technical aspects of our site and the kink expectancy you can have from Sex Flash Games.

Hundreds Of Flash Games On Mobile And Computer

The collection we host on our servers is massive and it comes with a beautiful variety of both kinks and genres. We have games for everyone, no matter the type of women you like. We even have games for the players who are into men or for those of you who want to explore their trans fantasies. Some of the most popular categories on our site are coming with BDSM and family sex games, while other kinks such as anal sex, gang bangs, extreme oral or threesomes can also be enjoyed in the action that we offer. At the same time, we have many games for those of you with dirty fetishes. The impregnation games of our site have been appreciated lately and so were the feet play games.

One thing that’s always popular in the adult gaming industry is the parody sex game genre. We have parody games featuring characters from all popular cartoons. We even have sex games with Elsa from Frozen or Kim Possible. If you’re a true gamer, you will love our parodies that are based on mainstream video games, such as the XXX Overwatch, Borderlands, Tomb Rider or Fallout.

We can’t talk about Flash games without talking about hentai games. The hentai Flash games of our site are coming with all the famous anime babes you’ve always wanted to see naked. We also have monster sex games in which anime chicks are fucked by horny monsters with crazy tentacles.

If there’s one thing that always impressed me when it came to Flash games was the story dedication. Because the gameplay was a bit limited, the developers had to rely a lot on the plot of the games and well written characters. In this collection you will find the hottest text-based games and RPG games with lots of interactions that can lead to multiple endings. And there’s so much more you will discover by yourself when you will start browsing our site.

A Modern Website For Vintage Games

Although the Flash games aren’t really classed as vintage, they are from an era when the internet used to look different. You might have played some of these games back in the days, but the sites on which you played them sure didn’t look like ours. We offer you a modern gaming platform with all the features you need for a good time. We have a well-organized collection with all the proper browsing tools you need for going through the big number of games that we offer. Another great thing about our site is the fact that we come with community features which can be used by everyone without registration. Get into discussions with our community and share the joy of adult gameplay with likeminded strangers in a safe and discrete environment. We care about your privacy and that’s why we never ask for your data and we offer you an encrypted connection on our servers.

These Games Will Always Be Free

Although some of these games are truly rare now that you can’t play them on other sites because the Flash has come to an end on the internet, we don’t want to profit from the adult gaming community. We could have asked for money, but we decided to make this site free and monetize it through a couple of ads. I know that ads on a porn site sound like a nightmare, but we’re not just another porn gaming site with pop ups and unskippable videos on every page or with links that redirect you three times before actually doing the thing you click them for. You are just one of the thousands of players who are enjoying our games every day and that’s enough for us to keep things running on Sex Flash Games. The more you play on our site the better we monetize the traffic. And we give you plenty of reasons to stay and come back on our platform every night. We keep working on remastering many other games and there are new uploads in this collection every week. So, bookmark us and enjoy the beauty of classic Flash xxx games.

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